Kishen Das
1 min readJan 18, 2021


Lying during an interview process

I am listing out the items in which lying can happen.

Less the number of lies during the entire interview process from both parties, better you perform at the real job later, stay motivated, and stay longer.


  • Company valuation
  • Company culture
  • Level at which you are being considered
  • Scope of a particular role
  • Target salary
  • Career growth
  • How the company is positioned in its space
  • How the team is positioned within the company


  • How the company is doing
  • How the current team is doing ( enthusiasm, attrition, team work, code reviews, etc )
  • Day to day job
  • How the team is positioned within the company
  • Future work


  • Past projects
  • Amount of contribution in past projects
  • Current salary
  • Multiple offers
  • Expertise in a particular technology or subject
  • Whether a given design or coding problem has been previously seen or not