Why some software engineers did not get gifts on Christmas this year ?

Because they were labeled as “naughty” for one or more below reasons

  1. Not enough tests as part of their pull request/s
  2. Preferring doing things manually over complete automation
  3. Not caring too much about logging and metrics
  4. Bringing ego and politics to the table, than keeping things technical
  5. Picking shiny new open-source projects without understanding its full pros and cons

6. Stealing others’ ideas.

7. Being rude to colleagues

8. Not showing enough empathy to colleagues who are struggling due to Covid-19

9. Showing bias for age, gender, ethnicity, etc

10. Being nasty old guards and not letting anyone touch your code base

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to everyone.

Let’s strive to be the better version of ourselves every year.